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Custom Beef

Custom Beef

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What is Custom Beef?

We offer whole, half and quarter options of beef. What does that mean? Essentially you are buying a whole or a half share or quarter share of an animal. This means once the animal arrives at the butcher it is yours and the butcher is following your specific instructions on how to cut your animal up into any kind of cuts and smoked products you'd like. Half and quarter shares simply divide that number in half and a quarter respectively.

How much does it cost?

The final price of your meat depends on the size of your animal. You will need to pay for the meat, the processing (butcher's fee). We charge by the hanging weight, which is the weight of the animal once it's been skinned or scrapped and organs removed. Our beef on average hangs at 600 lbs. For a half it will be the weight divided by 2, and a quarter is the full hanging weight divided by 4. Our prices are as follows: whole beef $4.50/lb, half beef $4.75/lb, quarter beef $5.00/lb.

The butcher will also have a fee to cut the meat. This amount depends on the type of cuts that you get. Typically, sausages and smoked meats will raise your final price. The average cost of a whole beef is $480.

$100 deposit to reserve animal. 

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